Rick Astley

Rick Astley Makes Everything 'Better Now' With an Amazing Post Malone Cover

Rick Astley, we’re never gonna give you up when it comes to delivering delightful cover songs. Astley has been spending his time in quarantine uploading acoustic covers of various songs and his latest gem came out of left field.
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One-Hit Wonders: Where Are They Now?

Being a one-hit wonder isn’t a bad thing. Countless artists spend their careers toiling away, trying to stumble on the ever-elusive hit song. While fans normally take a here then, gone now attitude toward one-hit wonders, there’s something to be said for writing a song so catchy that it's on the...
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Couple Gets "Rick Rolled" During Wedding Ceremony

Getting married and making a lifelong commitment to one person is a serious matter. Plus, you've planned for this day for a long time working out every tiny detail, so it's perfect. Oh, and let's not forget all the money that we shell out for our wedding day. I think it's about $37k for the average...
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