Scary Halloween Display Making People Call 9-1-1

Halloween is right around the corner. You may already see some houses decked out with giant spiders, fake tombstones, and zombies, but I get you've never seen a Halloween display like this one from Tennessee. Now we're not talking the Clark Griswald of Halloween and having way too many decorations...
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The New AHS Title Sequence Is Here

American Horror Story fans all over are shaking with fear & excitement over the newest season of AHS, Cult, set to premiere September 5th on FX. Every corner. Every angle. There we are. #AHSCult — AmericanHorrorStory (@AHSFX) August 17, 2017 Some of your favorite...
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Creepy Things That Kids Have Said

Has your kid ever said something so creepy that you couldn’t shake it? Ramona Holloway said she lost sleep after coming across this list of the “darkest things” kids have said to mom and dad. From talking about relatives who died before they’d been born to plotting to murder a sibling, these kid...
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