sex and the city

'Sex and The City' Turns 20 Years Old Today!

When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t help but wonder: How has it been 20 years since Sex and the City first premiered?
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Kim Cattrall Says The Stars of "Sex and the City" Cast Were Never Friends

Kim Cattrall just crushed our friendship dreams by revealing that the cast members of Sex and the City were never friends off the set. Cattrall, who played the role of Samantha Jones on the hit HBO series, made the revelations in an interview with Piers Morgan for his Life Stories television...
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Sarah Jessica Parker Says There Won't Be a 'Sex and the City 3'

We had been hoping it would happen for a while, but now it’s off the table. There will not a third installment in the Sex and the City movie series. The “news” came from Sex and the City star Sara Jessica Parker . Of course, qestions have been raised about the possibility of a Sex and the City 3...
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