Shaq Is The New Face Of Papa John’s

If Ramona wasn’t a fan of Papa John’s before, she is now! The pizza chain announced that her favorite man in the world, Shaq, is set to become the new face of the franchise. Time for a pizza party! I’m excited to join @PapaJohns as a member of the Board of Directors and investor in 9 stores in #...
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Ramona Met Shaq! Sort of...

Ramona Holloway is probably Shaq's biggest fan. Back in the day she tried to creep into the locker room to interview him didn't like that too much. Skip forward to NBA All-Star Weekend in 2019. Ramona's hanging out and enjoying the weekend when all of a sudden she finds...
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Have You Ever Creeped On A Celebrity?

Ramona was once obsessed with Shaq...which celebrity did you love a little TOO much? Listeners also share that time all hell broke loose in their car and we talk about the worst pain you've ever experienced.
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