ramona dry fingers holloway

Ramona 'Dry Fingers' Holloway

Is Ramona the only person who thinks her fingers are too dry and hinder her ability to shop?
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ramona got stuck in her jumpsuit while shopping

Ramona Got Stuck In Her Jumpsuit

Ramona Holloway found herself stuck in her clothes in the middle of a busy dressing room. Listen to Matt & Ramona's podcast to find out how she was able to escape!
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matt caught bathroom Kohls

Matt Got Caught With His Pants Down

Matt usually has to go to the bathroom every 5 seconds, so someone was bound to walk in on him while he's doing his business...only this time it was in public!
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Southern Women's Show

Come celebrate this August with a weekend just for the women! Have the opportunity to shop, eat, and be surrounded with beautiful people and products at the annual Southern Women's Show! The event will take place August 23, 2019 at 10 A.M. to August 25th, 2019 at 5 P.M.
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Charmin's New Toilet Paper Roll Is Gigantic And Lasts A Month

Ramona is a self-admitted toilet paper hoarder, and her life has just been made a little easier. Charmin’s offering what they call the “Forever Roll,” aka a huge toilet paper roll that they say will last you a month. Still looking for that perfect holiday gift? Check out the Charmin Forever Roll,...
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5 Things You’re Definitely Wasting Money On

One of the easiest ways to have more money is to spend less! Often was waste money on things we don’t fully use or need; here’s five things you can cut back on to put money back into your pocket. 1) Stop hitting the coffee shop every morning. Those Grande coffee orders to go can add up...making...
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Ramona's Ready For Christmas

Usually someone who's late all the time, we're happy to report that Ramona is NOT stressing about Christmas because she's already finished preparing everything!
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Are You Suffering From Holiday Burnout?

The holidays can be a hectic time, so naturally is pretty easy to get burned out by all of your holiday plans. Ramona shares how she's handling it all despite starting her Christmas activities earlier than normal this year.
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Sleep: The Secret Ingredient of Injury Recovery

When I was on the mend after my shopping injury (yes, I shopped too long in heels and tore up my ankle) Ortho Carolina told me that in addition to staying off of my feet and out of high heels I needed to think about the importance of sleep as part of the recovery process. From the moderately active...
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Hey Bob, You Look Tired

You know, Bob's just out here trying to do a little shopping and people just have to remind him that he looks tired!
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