Research suggests sleepers can communicate in real time as they dream

Researchers at Northwestern University have determined that it’s possible to communicate with sleepers in real time as they’re dreaming. WBBM Newsradio’s Brandon Ison reports.
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wheezy melatonin gummies

Sweet Dreams, Wheezy

Wheezy can't sleep, so Ramona's resorted to giving her melatonin gummies and Wheezy is loving it!
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We Need More Sleep These Days Because Life Is Too Stressful

One simple way to improve your health is to make sure you're getting enough sleep.
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Rich People Get More Sleep on Average: Study

A new survey done by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asked nearly 140,000 adults in the United States about their sleep habits, and found that those who made more money, were more likely to get a full night’s rest.
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How to Overcome a Challenging Pandemic Sleep Routine

You might want to think twice before having that nightcap before bed — especially if you’re hoping it will help you sleep better. A neuroscience expert shares tips for those having trouble falling asleep during the pandemic.
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Why Some Married Couples Are Sleeping in Separate Beds

For many people who are married, going to bed means sharing a bed with your spouse. In a different case, experts have reported that some couples would prefer separate beds to get better sleep and help marital problems. According to 2017 National Sleep Foundation survey, almost one in four married...
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women snoring trends

Women Are So Cute When They Snore

Matt trying to explain women making noises in their sleep is cute, but the entire conversation just goes completely off the rails. We also made the horrible mistake of letting Matt read a news story about a man who was eaten by turkey vultures!
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What Would You Give Up For A Year of Perfect Sleep?

Is there anyone who DOESN’T feel tired all the time? It just never feels like there’s enough time to get sleep, and what little sleep we do get isn’t all that great. Science tells us that not getting enough sleep can kill you , so no wonder people are willing to go to great lengths to get a great...
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Women Snore Almost As Much As Men, But They Lie About It

If a woman tells you that she doesn't snore, you now have a reason to give her the side eye...a study found that women are more likely to lie about their snoring. Researchers concluded that 92.6% of men and 88% of women snore, however, only 72% of women admitted their snoring habit. Meanwhile, men...
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Is Sleeping With The Fan On Bad For Your Health?

There’s nothing like falling asleep under the covers while you’ve got a fan blowing cool air on you. But is having that fan on overnight actually making you sick? It depends, according to Sleep Advisor . They say there are definitely benefits to having the fan on at night: it’s a low-cost way to...
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