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NC Donut Shop Creates "Tide Pod" Donuts

I know when I was a teenager I did some pretty stupid stuff because I was peer pressured into it or because it was what all the cool kids were doing. But most of the trouble I found myself in was pretty innocent and didn't have consequences like illness and death. Just jogging my memory, I recall...
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What's the #InvisibleBoxChallenge?

Thanks to social media and the ability to easily post and share content we have seen more things go viral over the last few years. Every few months it seems that there's a new trending challenge to try. Some of these challenges have been quite ridiculous like the Kylie Jenner lip challenge...
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Trending: The Ariana Grande Stool Challenge

What is this Ariana Grande stool challenge? Just the latest thing people are doing on social media that's gone viral. How did it all start? With this album cover. Ariana Grande fan conducts amazing investigation to work out how she sat on stool for album cover pic.twitter...
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