top 10 daily stressors

We're Too Stressed To Be Blessed

How stressed out are you? Matt & Ramona talk about the top 10 daily stressors that impact everyone's lives.
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Feeling Sick? It May Be Stress

Not only is stress contagious but it could be making you sick! Stress is known to lower your immune system, so if you're always sick it may be time to get your stress level in check. Check out these ways stress could be making you sick here. 3 Ways To De-Stress 1. Change your surroundings. If you'...
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Here Are The Worst Jobs In America

Think your job is the worst? Where do you think it ranks on the list of worst jobs in America? CareerCast put together a report in which they analyzed and ranked over 200 careers based on factors like work environment, income, growth and stress level. Here’s a look at the top 10...yes, we know...
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This Is The Biggest Reason We’re Stressed Out At Work

Long hours. Bad boss. Annoying coworkers. The list of things that stress us out at work is endless! However, a recent study found that 41% of employees say that unclear goals are their biggest source of stress at work. That’s compared to only 16% saying a bad boss causes the most stress. Long hours...
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Watching TV Is The Top Way Americans De-Stress

Happy Stress Awareness Month ! You can’t completely eliminate stress from your life, but we do what we can to get away from it for a little while. No matter what’s got you stressed, a survey found most Americans do the same things to cope with stress: watch TV (51%), talk to family and friends (41...
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Being Around Your Spouse Instantly Calms You Down, Science Says

We’re all stressed out all the time. Heck, you’re stressed out right now reading this. Well, we’ve got the solution for a stress-free life…just keep your spouse around you at all times. Okay, that might not be a realistic expectation, but according to science your spouse’s presence has the ability...
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Working Longer Hours Doesn’t Make You More Productive; Here’s How To Do More By Working Less

There are many in America who are working more than the standard 40-hour work week. For some, they feel defined by their work; being able to say that they work all the time has become a badge of honor . While there’s a great amount of pride in working hard, it seems there is a limit to how long we’...
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5 Tasks That Are Great For Relieving Stress

What adult isn’t stressed out these days? You don’t have time to take a vacation every time you need to decompress, so those mini stress breaks are crucial. Thankfully, there’s quite a few simple things you can do to relieve stress. Remember when you HATED washing dishes as a kid? Well it turns out...
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Here Are the Most Stressed-Out Cities in America

Life is stressful. So much so, that we're actually ranking how stressed-out our cities are now.
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