What You Should Stop Doing Online, According To A Hacker

There's no such thing as privacy on the's some tips on how to avoid getting hacked.
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These Are The Most Common Tech Issues That Drive Us Crazy

Technology is awesome when it works…but if your WiFi stops working for two seconds it can feel like the end of the world. Even 15% of folks have destroyed a gadget out of anger, a recent study says. What are the top tech problems that are guaranteed to send us into a rage? Here’s the top 10: 1...
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Major Apple FaceTime Bug Lets People Eavesdrop On You

If you haven't done so yet, you need to disable FaceTime ASAP. According to the website 9to5mac a HUGE bug in Apple's FaceTime software allows for users to listen in on others without their knowledge. The bug lets users to call someone via FaceTime and hear whatever audio is coming from the other...
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Hi-tech Features In The House Of Tomorrow

3D printers? Hi-tech toilets? Movable walls? We talk about the technology that will be available in every home within the next ten years. We also break down how long it takes for you to really get comfortable in a relationship.
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POLL: Could Being 'Bad With Technology' Make You Undatable?

Yes, its 2018
67% (2 votes)
It Doesn't Matter
33% (1 vote)
Total votes: 3
Compatibility is a big deal with dating. Call it chemistry, attraction or likeability its really important to be on the same page as your partner or potential partner. If you arent it's a major red flag that the relationship isn't going to work. But how important is it to be technologically...
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Young Americans Are The Loneliest

Loneliness has become such an issue for people not just in America but all over the world. The UK appointed a minister of Loneliness to deal with the epidemic early this year. You might expect that the loneliest group in America would be those over the age of 75, however, a new study has found that...
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Instagram Is Making Changes to How It Shows You Posts from Your Friends

You complained, and Instagram listened. The popular social media app says it will make changes to its algorithm-based feed. Yes, your photo feed is about to return to more of a chronological feed, instead of that algorithm-feed, which never seemed to show you the photos you wanted to see. The...
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Listen to what #SouthernSiriSays

Siri would be really different if she was southern! Check out the trending hashtag on twitter #SouthernSiriSays You fixin' to miss your turn! #SouthernSiriSays — Shea Browning (@SheaBrowning) February 26, 2018 You're a terrible driver, bless your heart. #SouthernSiriSays — -- Lola -- (@_lola_bee)...
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The One Word That Gets People To Reply To Your Email

It’s wild to think that hundreds of BILLIONS of emails are sent every day, but how many of them actually get a response? Now that I think of it, I don’t respond to a majority of mine (unless it’s important work stuff)! Quartz analyzed hundreds of thousands of emails and they found that while only...
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Apple Will Reportedly Replace Batteries for iPhone Models 6 & Newer

Now, according to ‘USA Today,‘ Apple may be amending its original announcement.
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