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Time Magazine's Most Influential People on the Internet List is Here

It's the fourth year that Time Magazine released their Most Influential People on the Internet List . Social media has given celebrities, politicians, and every day people turned famous an even bigger platform in the last ten years or so. Who would you guess is the MOST influential person on this...
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New York - MARCH 7, 2017: Time Magazine on March 7 in New York, USA. Time magazine is a popular US publication

"The Silence Breakers" Announced as 2017 TIME Person of the Year

Today, TIME magazine announced its 2017 Person of the Year. Who received this year’s title? “The Silence Breakers,” a name for everyone who has spoken out against sexual assault—including prominent names like Anthony Rapp , Alyssa Milano , Blaise Godbe Lipman , Rose McGowan , and more—making up “...
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Time's 2017 Person of the Year: The #Metoo Movement

A lot of really significant things happened in 2017. It's the time of year when Time Magazine names their Person of the Year. Yesterday, the magazine released the names of the people that made the shortlist . Some of the names on the list of 10 finalists included Amazon 's CEO Jeff Besos, President...
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Scientists: April 25th Is Not the Perfect Date

We all can remember the line from 2000 classic movie, Miss Congeniality . You are probably seeing memes and jokes from the movie all over Facebook today. You know the time when the character of Cheryl (also known as "Miss Rhode Island") says that April 25 is the "perfect date." The awkward dialogue...
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