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The New AHS Title Sequence Is Here

American Horror Story fans all over are shaking with fear & excitement over the newest season of AHS, Cult, set to premiere September 5th on FX. Every corner. Every angle. There we are. #AHSCult — AmericanHorrorStory (@AHSFX) August 17, 2017 Some of your favorite...
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Is Melrose Place About to Get A Reboot?

It seems the trend of bringing back old TV shows and Movies isn't going to stop anytime soon. Over the last year or so, there have been numerous reboots announced like Roseanne on ABC, Will & Grace on NBC, and now it seems a 90's favorite could be coming back. Did you watch Melrose Place back...
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Are More Gilmore Girls Episodes In The Works?

Gilmore Girls fans are having the best Monday ever because it looks like there could be more episodes coming soon. The first batch of new episodes hit Netflix on Black Friday. If you watched the Year In The Life , you know it ended with a huge cliffhanger that has fans wanting more. According to...
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