You'll wanna yell at Ramona too when you hear what she's been doing to deter people from breaking into her car...also, what percentage of nasty people don't ever wash their underwear? We've got the answer for that as well as how to tell if you've got a toxic friend in your life.
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Matt Lost His Underwear In Italy

So Matt's weird trip to Italy continues...not only did he grow a love of the fanny pack and crash a Vespa , now we learn he also got lost in the city and dropped his underwear all over the streets. Italians everywhere are glad Matt's no longer in their country!
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Ramona's Homemade Underwear

So what's this about Ramona and homemade underwear? Why did she take a class where people wanted to do this? Is she making these for Wheezy as well? We have the answers to this strange question in the latest Off Air podcast below! Also in this episode.... Dan MacMedan-USA TODAY NETWORK Both Matt...
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