Unicorn Frappuccino

There's A Dragon Frappuccino Now?

You won't see the Dragon Frappuccino on Starbucks ' official menu because it's a creation made by baristas over the weekend when the special Unicorn Frappuccino sold out. If you didn't get to taste the brightly colored, limited edition Unicorn Drink you didn't miss much. Instead of being pink and...
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Barista Goes On Unicorn Frappuccino Rant

It seemed like everyone, and their mother's brother's sister's cousin's teacher tried Starbucks ' new Unicorn Frappuccino yesterday. If you were on any form of social media, your feed was probably filled with photos of friends posing with the pink, blue, and purple concoction offering up their...
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We Taste Tested The Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino

Today the Unicorn Frappuccino hit all Starbucks locations. It's pink and blue and as pretty as can be, but how does it taste? On my way into work today I decided to pick up a few so we could do a little taste test with some of the guy's from our sister station, WFNZ. The Starbucks' website...
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