viral cat video

Viral: Not All Cats Hunt Mice

Not all cats are good hunters. Maybe it's because they've been so domesticated that they lose their hunting instinct? I have two cats. The older and much bigger one is a great huntress. If she sees a fly or any other bug, she's on it. She even likes to hunt the light that reflects off of shiny...
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Video Of Trusting Cat Goes Viral

I am a sucker for a cat video as you know. I am also all about defending the feline mind and their instinct to sometimes be a bit untrusting. That's why when I came upon this viral cat video I knew I had to share it. Cats have a very strong instant to always land on their feet when they fall. But...
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Must See: Demanding Cats Ring Bell For Treats

You know most of us here at The Link are obsessed with cats. So I am sure it's no surprise that we are about to share another viral cat video with you. After all, cats are cute and watching videos of them can help put you in a better mood. We're sold! Check out this viral video of two demanding...
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