viral commercial

McDonald's Commercial Insensitive

Advertisers have a target audience that they focus on. They can use excitement, emotion, happiness, a need to belong all to help sell their product. McDonald's latest commercial definitely is playing on people's emotions and some are upset by it. Now normally I don't agree with the outrage people...
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Japanease Diaper Commercial Has People Ticked

It's a new week and the people of the internet are stewing over a diaper commercial out of Japan. What could possibly be so bad about a commercial about diapers for a baby? Watch below and see if you get the outrage before I explain it. Video of ムーニーから、はじめて子育てするママヘ贈る歌。 「moms don’t cry」(song by 植村花菜...
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New Heineken Commercial Tackles Social Issues Brilliantly

Beverage commercials really shouldn't tackle social issues or so we learned a few weeks ago when Pepsi released that Kendall Jenner commercial. The company had so much backlash from the commercial that they ended up pulling it and having to issue a huge apology. Well, Heineken decided to try and...
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