viral proposal

Police Allow Man to Propose While Being Arrested

We are seeing more and more marriage proposals going viral because they are so elaborate and over the top. This marriage proposal is going viral for the opposite reason. There are perfect times to get down on one knee and ask someone to marry you. It could be while on vacation on a beautiful,...
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Pilot's Engine Failure Proposal

When someone pops the questions it's a big deal. It's a sign that the couple is taking the next step in their relationship and that they are planning to get married. Some proposals are simple and intimate. Other proposals involve lots of planning and a lot of different people to make it all happen...
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Over The Top Louboutin Promposal Goes Viral

Remember back in high school when Prom season would roll around? What kind of dress are you going to wear? Are you going to rent a Limo with a bunch of friends? Where's the after party? And of course, the most important question, who's going to be your date? I graduated from high school in 1997,...
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