wedding songs

What Your Wedding Song Says About Your Marriage

Your wedding song could be the difference maker in your marriage...
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Ramona Holloway performed marriage ceremony

Don't Get Married By Ramona

Ramona may or may not have messed up while performing a marriage ceremony...ya girl is just out here ruining relationships left and right!
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What Bridesmaids Should And Shouldn't Pay For

Being a bridesmaid can carry a lot of responsibility...and a lot of expenses. Friendships have been ruined because sometimes bridesmaids feel pressured into spending way more money than they want to (or can afford), especially when it comes to dresses and travel. So what exactly should bridesmaids...
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The Average Wedding Costs Nearly $34,000

Looking for that dream wedding? It’s gonna cost ya. The Knot put together it’s 2018 Real Weddings Study and found that the average wedding now costs $33,931. So what are couples splurging on for their big day ? The average wedding dress costs $1,631, compared to just $283 for the groom’s tux. They’...
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Miley Cyrus x Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus is Married

See the photos and the sweet messages shared by famous friends
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Ed Sheeran

Is Ed Sheeran Married? Probably

The “Shape Of You” singer is no longer denying it
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8-18-18 Is The Most Popular Wedding Date Of 2018

8-18-18 rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it? It’s pretty easy to see why today is America’s most popular wedding day of 2018, according to The Knot . A whopping 28,000 weddings are planned for today, totaling over $1 billion spent in weddings this weekend. The average cost of a wedding was $33,...
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Musician Ed Sheeran and fiance Cherry Seaborn look on during soccer game in Ipswich, England.

Ed Sheeran's Plans to Build a Private Wedding Chapel Rejected

Ed Sheeran and his fiancée, Cherry Seaborn, were reportedly trying to build a private church tower on the grounds of Sheeran’s home for their wedding.
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Kaley Cuoco & Karl Cook

‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Kaley Cuoco Gets Married

Kaley Cuoco is a married woman. The Big Bang Theory actress married professional equestrian Karl Cook at a ceremony in San Diego, CA on Saturday.
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WATCH: Gwen Stefani Dances to "Hollaback Girl" at Weekend Wedding

Gwen Stefani took to the dance floor at a wedding this past weekend to show off her dance moves to one of her most iconic tracks ever released
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