ramona wheezy caregiving

Coping With Comedy During Caregiving

How do you cope with difficult times?
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matt & ramona wheezy rabbit

Wheezy and the Talking Rabbit

Why are there talking rabbits on Wheezy's TV?
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bandy barn brain wheezy birthday

Bandy's Got Barn On The Brain

Bandy puts his artistic skills to the test with a weird birthday card for Wheezy!
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ramona stole wheezy's popcorn

Ramona Stole Wheezy's Popcorn

Ramona thought she could get away with stealing her mom Wheezy's popcorn...no wonder Henri is Wheezy's favorite child!
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12 Things Caregiving Has Taught Me

"Do I like crab cakes?" "What is your breaking point?" Those are the two hardest questions I've faced in my life and both stem from the most challenging job I've ever had. I've been my mom's caregiver since 2004 and those questions have forced me to face my biggest fear. I am slowly losing my best...
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5 Reasons Wheezy Is The Coolest Mom

1) She feeds her favorite child by hand. My dog gets treats just for staying alive. He won't eat meals because he is FULL! Can't get mom to understand that more food does not equal more love... this is why I was a chubby kid. #DogMom #DogsofInstagram #childhoodobesity A post shared by Ramona...
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Which Church Hat Should Wheezy Wear On Mother's Day?

Clutch your pearls! My mom, Wheezy, has been challenged by a young sister in Christ! Every Mother's Day the United Methodist Women of Simpson-Gillespie United Methodist Church have a hat competition. My mother was the winner a few years back and now considers herself to be the Oprah of contests...
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Ramona’s Mom Wheezy Spent Her First Day At Memory Daycare

You may know Ramona as one half of the radio show that keeps you entertained every day, but her biggest role is that of caretaker for her mom, Wheezy. Taking care of an elderly parent can be hard, especially if you’re doing it alone. Ramona’s never shied away from showing the daily challenges that...
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Wheezy's Wildin' At The Salon

Sometimes our older members of society don't have a filter and Ramona's mom Wheezy is no different...Ramona had to spend the day keeping her mom from offending her new stylist!
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Barry's In Ramona's Bedroom

What do you do when you get a call that one of your neighbor's is hanging out in your bedroom? Barry and Wheezy have some explaining to do!
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