WATCH: Deep-sea fish devours a whole shark in rare video

Researchers off the South Carolina coast couldn’t believe their luck when they captured a rare video of sharks feasting on lunch, only to become lunch themselves moments later. Watch a grouper fish swallow a shark whole on RADIO.COM
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PHOTO: Snake eel bursts midair through stomach of heron that swallowed it

A shocking photo captured by an amateur photographer in Delaware shows the exact moment that a snake eel bursts midair through the stomach of a heron that swallowed it whole.
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Koala eating leaves

How Can You Help the Animals Affected by The Australian Bushfire?

Are you too heartbroken at the destruction the brush fires are causing in Australia. Two thousand homes burned & over 12 million acres have been scorched. Personally, I find that the impact on wildlife is inconceivable. An estimate reported by USAToday states over a billion mammals, birds...
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Viral Video: Memphis News Reporter Tries to Befriend a Duck

This Memphis news reporter befriending a duck seriously is the most adorable and the most hilarious thing we've seen all week!
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Mascara Wands Can Help Save Animals

Every few months or so you end up running out of your favorite mascara. You toss the old container, wand and all, in the trash because there's really no use for it anymore. Well, until now. Next time you run out of your go-to super black mascara toss the container, but hang on to the wand because...
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